Two-dimensional polynomial eigenstrain formulation of boundary integral equation

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%~y6c*Yb0qg C0Two-dimensional polynomial eigenstrain formulation of boundary integral equation with numerical verification水利论文c,@X0U,b l

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Abstract:The low-order polynomial-distributed eigenstrain formulation of the boundary integral equation (BIE) and the corresponding definition of the Eshelby tensors are proposed for the elliptical inhomogeneities in two-dimensional elastic media. Taking the results of the traditional subdomain boundary element method (BEM) as the control, the effectiveness of the present algorithm is verified for the elastic media with a single elliptical inhomogeneity. With the present computational model and algorithm, significant improvements are achieved in terms of the efficiency as compared with the traditional BEM and the accuracy as compared with the constant eigenstrain formulation of the BIE.水利论文{eJzj-^;Msf

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Hang MA[1] Zhao GUO[2] Qing-hua QIN[3]

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作者单位:水利论文Y3EW Qn'{

8_G.m%O Z A:V0Department of Mechanics, College of Sciences, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444, P. R. ChinaShanghai Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200072, P. R. ChinaSchool of Engineering, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200, Australia

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4p-y$x-Y7A0o3}+_r4N02011, 32(5)

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l:^4~&j Q8t.i` ]0eigenstrain水利论文h+bE:p.v(B


Eshelby tensor水利论文v8Am+_;r*u

%G"V\lB+? e^J0boundary integral equation (BIE)水利论文K&e9l~pKm+y(d#V

z z9FD{5` m _0polynomial


!If c_sIj0inhomogeneity水利论文Z|P-a g$R Q!{&H

rRO0`;h7yk0机标分类号:水利论文:S w9So6m6?

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numerical verification elastic media boundary integral equation boundary element method traditional computational model effectiveness significant results control terms水利论文SZT[6F\ HV

水利论文 J&J#jx wMH

基金项目:水利论文)^8j2S@1k `C#?@


the National Natural Science Foundation of China,the Graduate Innovation Foundation of Shanghai University水利论文dU|%jW+v

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