Large-scale high performance computation on 3D explosion and shock problems

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B:^1V nU^\MjK0Large-scale high performance computation on 3D explosion and shock problems

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!m{W4P/B:_W0Abstract:Explosion and shock often involve large deformation, interface treatment between multi-material, and strong discontinuity. The Eulerian method has advantages for solving these problems. In parallel computation of the Eulerian method, the physical quantities of the computalonal cells do not change before the disturbance reaches to these cells. Computational efficiency is low when using fixed partition because of load imbalance. To solve this problem, a dynamic parallel method in which the computation domain expands with disturbance is used. The dynamic parallel program is designed based on the generally used message passing interface model. The numerical test of dynamic parallel program agrees well with that of the original parallel program, also agrees with the actual situation.

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([;@T\o,[*bs/L0Author:水利论文y[L{ k9FZ


Guang-lei FEI[1] Tian-bao MA[1] Li HAO[2]

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State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, P. R. ChinaSchool of Science, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Beijing 100044, P. R. China水利论文+Dr)Xw-Bt

水利论文r R#cD,SP }m1@

期 刊:水利论文j)w:^s rZ3?D2^



tI7Z~ y0Journal:水利论文]A2yE!]6O4n


b4~&v-Rnf YF;y5F0年,卷(期):

XzwOI R7a ]0 水利论文ufHc;`:?It n+FO

2011, 32(3)


1q GZ oKF,Z| e0分类号:

OA$A/Z\f;P A\K C0 水利论文)t BL`7R3v_


,Uc c;su4CI0


6L`NRmeQ {M0

2el'sLZN C0explosion and shock水利论文BY jqQ JFx

G8I K(h9vG&N)E0dynamic parallel水利论文2v1L$IQO]-w%Z|n$w

2Y0vq'K"yZ2Fx\q0message passing interface

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e2g&Z3a2Y5e3T*ex)X0air explosion水利论文kr8t~ Iv2RA[

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problems shock Eulerian method message passing interface Computational efficiency dynamic parallel computation physical quantities large deformation parallel method numerical test cells treatment partition domain based

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基金项目:水利论文ko%X/v7A s(k

水利论文 r,u E#WSc

the National Basic Research Program of China,the State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology

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