Analysis of dynamic stress intensity factors of three-point bend specimen contai

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Analysis of dynamic stress intensity factors of three-point bend specimen containing crack水利论文 Dk/WL:M3j`L

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Abstract:A new formula is obtained to calculate dynamic stress intensity factors of the three-point bending specimen containing a single edge crack in this study.Firstly,the weight function for three-point bending specimen containing a single edge crack is derived from a general weight function form and two reference stress intensity factors,the coefficients of the weight function axe given.Secondly,the history and distribution of dynamic stresses in uncracked three-point bending specimen are derived based on the vibration theory.Finally,the dynamic stress intensity factors equations for three-pointing specimen with a single edge crack subjected to impact loadings are obtained by the weight function method.The obtained formula is verified by the comparison with the numerical results of the finite element method(FEM).Good agreements have been achieved.The law of dynamic stress intensity factors of the three-point bending specimen under impact loadings vaxing with crack depths and loading rates is studied.

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Kp3qyi;gg$bh;ZS0Ai-jun CHEN Jun-jun CAO水利论文e9_b aIJ"yR

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X4]I"oB2`,Lm0School of Sciences, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210094,P.R.China


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#dS&?L;^ W'V0Journal:水利论文)pXw$]DTZP+S

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2011, 32(2)

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j4nU A6w0dynamic stress intensity factor水利论文"Vl,k%k RZ(u a

&lU-|'HQ^6DB0weight function method水利论文EJ'O:liBM;v

水利论文*Sc C1S HQ6_ j)v;Y

three-point bending specimen


)V'_An$mM9{SA0loading rate水利论文'F(N:FfXkz"}

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.^W5DQ2ay3R%r6v0stress intensity factors dynamic weight function edge crack the finite element method numerical results impact new formula comparison reference based two FEM

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Project supported by the China Aviation Industry Corporation Ⅰ Program,the Science Foundation of Nanjing University of Science and Technology


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