Computations of wall distances by solving a transport equation

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#UQ mr6P)C}2J0Computations of wall distances by solving a transport equation水利论文1a7h [HA \-VZ&La


Abstract:Computations of wall distances still play a key role in modern turbulence modeling. Motivated by the expense involved in the computation, an approach solving partial differential equations is considered. An Euler-like transport equation is proposed based on the Eikonal equation. Thus, the efficient algorithms and code components developed for solving transport equations such as Euler and Navier-Stokes equations can be reused. This article provides a detailed implementation of the transport equation in the Cartesian coordinates based on the code of computational fluid dynamics for missiles (MI-CFD) of Beihang University. The transport equation is robust and rapidly convergent by the implicit lower-upper symmetric Gauss-Seidel (LUSGS) time advancement and upwind spatial discretization. Geometric derivatives must also be upwind determined to ensure accuracy. Special treatments on initial and boundary conditions are discussed. This distance solving approach is successfully applied on several complex geometries with 1-1 blocking or overset grids.水利论文l.]/Ol9Ew

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-]*c4p$^D-O-~7C a0Author:水利论文0U*i0j ?"l,W;rm

I4H0U\`:l1e$O0Jing-lei XU Chao YAN Jing-jing FAN水利论文}XaDk/Cu"MP


作者单位:水利论文 VN6_ h n!L

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National Laboratory for Computational Fluid Dynamics, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, P. R. China


_E)gMS*e2Js/l9Vo&`0期 刊:水利论文@[1{}0L7~#fa ?



X G6T C{V?${(V0 水利论文7Q!e1f/NMF

Journal:水利论文 m)Zp2d5j)P



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jq UiQE2Y K|~}B02011, 32(2)水利论文Z pUyO

s'~t Zx'cqH7T*U@KU0分类号:水利论文\C4d)H%QvS({g

(Z4UW9HPr_'f0V211.3水利论文)Ds d*FXk*B


qo2^#|:C g k0 水利论文 N}$Ti`Tf

wall distance水利论文#F5|/dC!}+A2? h v

水利论文 J4J Y*JC;e B

numerical simulation水利论文 S \Z,_9Jn q

X\:S)xeig0cz0overset grid水利论文9yB^|1iT-n5X

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5x'D4o"PzS H;[0O4 O29

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:_?4c B ~)ur0transport equation partial differential equations computational fluid dynamics boundary conditions approach implementation Navier-Stokes Euler based algorithms Special initial complex robust modern time key


Wu `x2b/WKNN,f0基金项目:水利论文 S*o0k0r W

^*x"Al$d+Oub0Project supported by the National Basic Research Programme of China,the Post-Doctoral Science Foundation of China水利论文NbO{_

水利论文+o t)J,m#M$r| ~*r


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