Powell's optimal identification of material constants of thin-walled box girders

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-WUA*y$hHx\d3U&RS0Powell's optimal identification of material constants of thin-walled box girders based on Fibonacci series search method

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5]A K b7j mpT&?-n0Abstract:A dynamic Bayesian error function of material constants of the structure is developed for thin-walled curve box girders. Combined with the automatic search scheme with an optimal step length for the one-dimensional Fibonacci series, Powell's optimization theory is used to perform the stochastic identification of material constants of the thin-walled curve box. Then, the steps in the parameter identification are presented.Powell's identification procedure for material constants of the thin-walled curve box is compiled, in which the mechanical analysis of the thin-walled curve box is completed based on the finite curve strip element (FCSE) method. Some classical examples show that Powell's identification is numerically stable and convergent, indicating that the present method and the compiled procedure are correct and reliable. During the parameter iterative processes, Powell's theory is irrelevant with the calculation of the FCSE partial differentiation, which proves the high computation efficiency of the studied methods.The stochastic performances of the system parameters and responses are simultaneously considered in the dynamic Bayesian error function. The one-dimensional optimization problem of the optimal step length is solved by adopting the Fibonacci series search method without the need of determining the region, in which the optimized step length lies.

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Department of Mechanics and Structural Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016, P.R.ChinaInstitute of Bridge Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, P.R.China水利论文Yx _||a!{;P

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3J0n7}'I,HyA?0Powell's theory

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I2OWOrJ{-A0thin-walled curve box


?,pb-M$Ke|}0material constant

y S3x5}7pSh:i_0 水利论文^:?'U(p,i!A

Fibonacci series search method水利论文^Iv9h'n'VJ~1]b

.?$y O&i't0finite curve strip element theory水利论文V"l O|,Pp



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,RI*Rj+U0Powell search Fibonacci based box girders material constants optimal step length error function parameter identification partial differentiation optimization problem optimization theory mechanical analysis identification of Bayesian dynamic structure processes region During


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