Orthogonal basic deformation mode method for zero-energy mode suppression of hyb

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L oFif U e4ym(|0Orthogonal basic deformation mode method for zero-energy mode suppression of hybrid stress elements水利论文8Q"Y)@4zq Zi(i

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Abstract:A set of basic deformation modes for hybrid stress finite elements are directly derived from the element displacement field. Subsequently, by employing the so-called united orthogonal conditions, a new orthogonalization method is proposed. The resulting orthogonal basic deformation modes exhibit simple and clear physical meanings. In addition, they do not involve any material parameters, and thus can be efficiently used to examine the element performance and serve as a unified tool to assess different hybrid elements. Thereafter, a convenient approach for the identification of spurious zero-energy modes is presented using the positive definiteness property of a flexibility matrix. Moreover, based on the orthogonality relationship between the given initial stress modes and the orthogonal basic deformation modes, an alternative method of assumed stress modes to formulate a hybrid element free of spurious modes is discussed. It is found that the orthogonality of the basic deformation modes is the sufficient and necessary condition for the suppression of spurious zero-energy modes. Numerical examples of 2D 4-node quadrilateral elements and 3D 8-node hexahedral elements are illustrated in detail to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed orthogonal basic deformation mode method.水利论文(lf.y o-BC7t



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Can-hui ZHANG Dong-dong WANG Tong-shan LI Qian HUANG水利论文[ T(q&};TwS_]


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{,@0h]+n@0Department of Civil Engineering, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, Fujian Province, P.R.China水利论文 U _7Ss{n u9Y

!C o{V-`b\0P\0期 刊:

9I}eUW0 水利论文y3MK$n?+}zC


4LM_LX9C%~0 水利论文#DK;D.l6b AM+y8`6N






2011, 32(1)水利论文J@b;L4F;?K%m;M/@

'G'eHo rnm&R0分类号:水利论文LO[5}$~'q `W#jT


:q#}0\M$T/x8C0 水利论文[.@'J \2m's1Y2w%a


/eY&c x4Vv6D/c0hybrid stress element

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basic deformation mode

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%j3{*PePE8Y+^0assumed stress mode水利论文8Jjn/tl\D_

1}y\4~s"M0mode orthogonality水利论文zBsSStv

水利论文/{ ?;{({7vhf)x1K

suppression of zero-energy deformation mode

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n%OfVM#g Yts:r0机标关键词:

)[ {#JBo)Y0 水利论文L O%D"j;dK!q

quadrilateral elements initial stress positive definiteness necessary condition material parameters hybrid element identification of finite elements relationship performance method of different physical approach addition examine simple found based set

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0G3e2q!Z[]5^;^4{0the National Natural Science Foundation of China,the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of China,the Scientific Program of Fujian Province of China水利论文+d B:SyXP^C&~.XA2[

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