Anti-plane analysis of semi-infinite crack in piezoelectric strip

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Anti-plane analysis of semi-infinite crack in piezoelectric strip水利论文S.iu|1M'Q-e/E

;J\euov0Abstract:Using the complex variable function method and the technique of the conformal mapping, the fracture problem of a semi-infinite crack in a piezoelectric strip is studied under the anti-plane shear stress and the in-plane electric load. The analytic solutions of the field intensity factors and the mechanical strain energy release rate are presented under the assumption that the surface of the crack is electrically impermeable.When the height of the strip tends to infinity, the analytic solutions of an infinitely large piezoelectric solid with a semi-infinite crack are obtained. Moreover, the present results can be reduced to the well-known solutions for a purely elastic material in the absence of the electric loading. In addition, numerical examples are given to show the influences of the loaded crack length, the height of the strip, and the applied mechanical/electric loads on the mechanical strain energy release rate.

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作者:水利论文`7? tM/g!Q


Eq5[0@K8M{0Jun-hong GUO[1] Ping LIU[1] Zi-xing LU[1] Tai-yan QIN[2]

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Institute of Solid Mechanics, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100191, P.R.ChinaCollege of sciences, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100083, P.R.China

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0gh$i(G5O+Tj2fr8Z0期 刊:

3x;e-{Vy F6M0

W2Po G hcMs0应用数学和力学(英文版)

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#m'H0PQt;Nt/k\_9@0APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND MECHANICS水利论文'f#Li#}#~5wK a*`6v



v"e1Hq b `0

L$wm%Z-u(T]02011, 32(1)


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Keywords:水利论文,rP2[ e+{z


piezoelectric strip水利论文'DL4D,T NzA

U ApuH,yH^7v8s"v0semi-infinite crack水利论文P(@4aZ?1?!`*ux T

水利论文 W9Zj X)u&i,^-A^

complex variable function method

$JW2\r@[I0 水利论文tM B0? @gf

field intensity factor水利论文'};Jo }(p&PI P ?

水利论文"F |,jvw w/V

mechanical strain energy release rate

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Y2J/_f6k5h9J0strain energy release rate mechanical strain solutions piezoelectric solid intensity factors conformal mapping shear stress influences function fracture addition results complex水利论文RZ'zD \6L,S/Dw7@1Xy


基金项目:水利论文TvP;I!@ `q}

"@0qnJi @ptg0the National Natural Science Foundation of China,the Scientific Research Key Program of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education,the Ph.D.Innovation Foundation of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics水利论文%t4K8K r!?g K1N

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