Inverse estimation for unknown fouling geometry on inner wall of forced-convecti

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?G,Lw X }:u0Inverse estimation for unknown fouling geometry on inner wall of forced-convection pipe水利论文F-K+Q#YPH%yA


Abstract:A conjugate gradient method (CGM) based on the inverse algorithm is used to estimate the unknown fouling-layer profile on the inner wall of a pipe system using simulated temperature measurements taken within the pipe wall. It is assumed that no prior information is available about the functional form of the unknown profile.Therefore, the procedure is classified as the function estimation in inverse calculation. The temperature data obtained from the direct problem are used to simulate the temperature measurements. The accuracy of the inverse analysis is examined using the simulated exact and inexact temperature measurements. The results show that the excellent estimation of the fouling-layer profile can be obtained for the test case considered in this study.The technique presented in this study can be used in a warning system to call for pipe maintenance when the thickness of fouling exceeds a predefined criterion.水利论文VXl$Xg5w

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作者:水利论文%B,a!Q Q$q

水利论文u.K U4b;Ry5~~Z#M


水利论文$p i{k,Yc!n sH

Wen-lih CHEN Yu-ching YANG Haw-long LEE J.L.SALAZAR

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[ Ca,WgB'c5H0作者单位:水利论文} TZ+n}

F*o{kG g%i$G$V3Cp0Clean Energy Center, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kun Shan University, Yung-Kang City, Tainan 710-03, Taiwan, China

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.G#z6Z ~ BEU0期 刊:

BB4}4vi yj0

K+pI8gQQED1?1z0应用数学和力学(英文版)水利论文s A!C)U tv'S4E(\*wC H

水利论文PW3@P~ K2M(~



O%BK1| uqAf+Zh T#q0

b vAM({9q0年,卷(期):

.l0Q&zOYj0 水利论文I&z)NhH6EC!M

2011, 32(1)水利论文lA4EJTF



!Sx vP'z0O369

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7b c(W!gv }Zt i0Keywords:


6M`}9q#]0inverse problem

$I#o `g1z0 水利论文 mhnC4_Mq

fouling layer水利论文a(Pc5Qkl)dq

cN0lo]p(Gt0pipe system水利论文1_)[0`7~$T

Gly2si)Ga b9X0conjugate gradient method




TP3 O24水利论文f4W/RcX!oZ

/J L2d;]*tt(V j0机标关键词:水利论文P |z`A,[+Ct

"gC@e{!{0temperature measurements conjugate gradient method profile function estimation prior information inverse algorithm temperature data inverse analysis warning system pipe system maintenance study test case used in results form of exact based call水利论文!DKf~ E



7B?.Jb_:F0the National Science Council of Taiwan of China

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