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分离卸荷式地下连续墙板桩码头结构与土相互作用研究【作者】龚丽飞 【导师】蔡正银

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【中文摘要】 板桩码头是港口码头工程建筑物的一种主要结构型式,其优点在于可在地基允许承载力较低的软弱地基上修建板桩码头,可以减少土方工程量和施工围堰等困难问题。但是,目前我国国内建成的板桩码头多数属于中小型泊位,当板桩岸壁前沿水深加大时,码头上部荷载以及土体自重产生的侧向土压力,使得板桩产生过大的水平变位,从而影响码头结构的正常使用。为了减小板桩墙的水平位移,往往需要加大板桩墙体厚度或设置多根锚拉杆,但这很难适应港口大型化和深水化的发展要求。分离卸荷式地下连续墙板桩码头是我国国内继遮帘式深水板桩码头结构之后推出的又一种新型板桩码头结构,用于建设10万吨级以上的大型深水泊位,这在我国尚属首次。它是在传统的单锚板桩墙后建造由桩基支撑的卸荷平台,由卸荷板及桩基承受上部土重及荷载并将荷载经桩基传递至土层深处,同时卸荷平台下的灌注桩对地基土层起到了遮帘作用,从而减小作用于前墙的侧向土压力和墙体水平变形。本文结合京唐港10万吨级分离卸荷式板桩码头泊位工程实例,通过离心模型试验对不同的设计方案和不同板桩结构型式进行研究,探讨了结构与土的相互作用机理;以ANSYS有限元软件为平台,对该新型结构进行了初步的数值模型分...更多析研究,模拟了不同结构型式板桩码头的整体变形、结构内力、土压力等变化规律。试验和数值计算结果验证了卸荷式地下连续墙板桩码头结构的优越性和合理性,并为工程设计提供技术支撑。本文还对该新型码头结构的原观技术及观测仪器的选型与埋设等进行了介绍。  还原

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7CG-W@^)U.iq;h!Q`0【英文摘要】 The sheet-pile wharf is one of the major type of hydraulic structure in portengineering. There has been a obvious advantage that to build sheet-pile quay-wall onthe soft foundation with the low allowed bearing capacity can reduce the amount ofearthwork and problems such as cofferdam construction. However, the majority ofpresent sheet-pile quays belong to the medium or small-sized berths, when increasingthe depth of harbor basin before sheet pile quay, the lateral earth pressure induced bythe upper loading and soil gravity makes excessive deformation and will affect theusage of structure. In order to reduce sheet pile wharf's horizontal displacement, weoften change the thickness of sheet pile wall or set up multiple anchor tie-rod. But it isdifficult to adapt to development in harbor scale and the depth of harbor basin.The diaphragm sheet-pile wharf with separated relieving platform is the anothernew deep water sheet-pile wharf structure presented after the covered type structure ofshee...更多t pile wharf with barrier piles, which is capable of taking ships of more than 10100,000-ton in Jingtang Port and is the first of its kind in China. The diaphragmsheet-pile wharf with separated relieving platform is constructed relieving platformbeard by pile foundation behind the traditional single-anchor sheet pile wail, relievingplatform and pile foundation resists the upper soil gravity and surface loads andtransfers those loads to the depth of the soil, while the piles under the relievingplatform haves an covered effect upon the soil foundation, thereby decreases thelateral earth pressure acted on the sheet-pile wall and its horizontal displacement.On the basis of Jingtang Port engineering, the paper takes research on differentdesign options and types of structure through centrifuge model tests, and uses ANSYSto build the numerical model to analyze horizontal displacement, earth pressure,structural stress of the different types of sheet pile wharf. Compared with results ofcentrifugal model test, paper certainly interprets and studies structural mechanismabout soil-structural interaction. From test and numerical results, it can be seen thatthe diaphragm sheet-pile wharf with separated relieving platform externalizes itssuperiority and rationality, and gives theoretical supports for engineering practices. Atlast, paper has a certain description on prototype observation technique of this newstructure.  还原水利论文:?H-V'}cG)A,J

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【中文关键词】 板桩码头; 分离卸荷式; 离心模型; ANSYS; 有限元分析; 原型观测技术水利论文;Hz6fN4]
【英文关键词】 Sheet-pile wharf; Separated relieving platform; Centrifuge model; ANSYS; Finite element method; Prototype observation technique
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