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边坡及阻滑桩加固稳定性分析方法研究【作者】张小稳 【导师】李国英

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边坡及阻滑桩加固稳定性分析方法研究水利论文*wu_ U2pak

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Ph | {6PH?0【中文摘要】 为了防止滑坡灾害的发生及满足现代工程建设安全的需要,边坡稳定分析和加固方法研究是工程建设中不可回避的课题。阻滑桩具有抗滑能力强、施工安全简便、速度快、工程量小、投资少、适用范围广等优点,在边坡加固中得到了广泛应用。本文介绍了边坡及阻滑桩加固边坡稳定分析的研究进展及研究现状。针对传统圆弧法滑弧控制变量取值范围难以确定的问题,建议采用圆弧的弦高Ds及圆弧滑动面与边坡面上、下交点的X坐标Xupp、Xlow为控制变量。该三个变量均位于边坡范围以内,几何意义明确,取值范围易于确定,且可以避免破弧的出现,为整体了解安全系数的分布奠定了基础;应用有限元应力场进行边坡稳定分析,困难在于确定滑动面所经过的单元及相应的交点坐标。本文提出了一种滑动面定位的方法—蚂蚁行走法。该方法适用于任意形状的滑动面,几何意义简单明确,易于编程。将基于弦高控制变量的圆弧法,分别应用于极限平衡法和有限元间接法,编制了相应的FORTRAN计算程序并通过算例进行了验证。强度折减有限单元法弥补了极限平衡法的不足,但临界破坏状态的判别准则是其应用的瓶颈。本文详细介绍了强度折减法的基本原理,利用大型通用有限元软件ADINA通过两个不同...更多的算例对各种判别标准进行了分析比较。结果表明:以塑性区从坡脚至坡顶贯通作为边坡临界破坏状态的判别标准适用性及准确性较差;以迭代计算的收敛性作为边坡临界破坏状态的判别标准理论上存在一定的不严密性;以特征点位移突变作为边坡临界破坏状态的判别标准物理意义明确,但位移突变并不一定总发生在计算收敛之前。因此,建议采用收敛性准则与特征点位移突变准则相结合的判别方法。目前,强度折减法中对安全系数的影响因素研究较多,其结论也相差不远,本文针对目前研究中较少涉及的对滑动面位置的影响进行了初步探讨,结果表明土的泊松比对塑性区及滑动面的位置影响较大。强度折减有限单元法应用于阻滑桩加固边坡有利于模拟和研究桩土相互作用及边坡破坏模式。本文采用收敛性与特征点位移突变相结合的判别准则对阻滑桩加固边坡进行了稳定性分析。通过算例分析了设桩位置、嵌入深度,弹性模量等因素对阻滑桩加固效果的影响。  还原

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VDQ9\(Iv0【英文摘要】 To prevent the disaster of landslide and to meet the contemporary safety requirement of the project construction, the study on the slope stability analysis and the method of slope strengthening is an inevitable task. The anti-sliding pile is characteristic of the strong anti-sliding capacity, simple and safe construction process, fast construction speed, little amount of work, low investment and wide application in many fields. Therefore the anti-sliding pile is widely applied in the slope strengthening and other fields.The essay introduces the up-to-date research status of the slope stability analysis and the recent development of the anti-sliding pile theory. With regard to the difficulty to define the value scope of controlling variables related to the traditional circle method, this essay advises to adopt the height of arc and the coordinates in X direction of upper and lower points of intersection between sliding face and free surface of slope as the controlling variables. The thr...更多ee variables are definite in meaning and easy to define the range of variation, therefore, it establishes the foundation for learning the distribution of Factor of safety. One of difficulties on applying FEM stress field to slope stability analysis is to obtain elements through which sliding face passes and relating coordinates of points of intersection. The essay puts forward a new method, so-called ant-walk method, to locate the sliding face. This method is adapted to sliding faces in any shape, and it is simple and definite in geometory and easy to compile program. The essay separately applies the circle method based on the arch height to the limit equilibrium analysis and to the FEM indirect method, then compiles the relevant FORTRAN program to verify the theory through the examples.SSRFEM(Shear Strength Reduction Finite Element Method) makes up the defects of limit equilibrium method, while the criterion of critical failure state is the key problem of its practical application. This essay describes the basic principle of SSRFEM. With ADINA(Automatic Dynamy Incrimental Nonlinear Analysis), a large-scale general finite element software, this essay compares and analyzes various criteria through two different examples. The results show: it is relatively imprecise and inapplicable to use the transfixion from the toe to the top of slope in the plastic zone as the criterion of the slope stability. It is also not theoretically rigorous to apply iteration non-convergence of nonlinear FEM numerical calculation as the criterion of the slope stability. The physical meaning of the sudden displacement change of the slope characteristic point is distinct, but the sudden displacement change does not always occur before the convergence of numerical calculation. It is advisable to adopt the method which combines the numerical convergence and the sudden displacement change of slope characteristic point. At present, more research in SSRFEM is focusing on the influential factors of the safety coefficient, and the conclusions are quite close. This essay studies the influence on the position of the slide face, which is less studied nowadays. The results show that the impact of the Poisson's ratio on the definition of the plastic zone and the sliding surface is apparent.Applying SSRFEM to the slope strengthening by the anti-sliding pile is helpful in simulating and studying the interaction between the pile and the soil. Adopting the convergence failure criterion and the characteristic point's displacement rule, the essay conducts the stability analysis on the slope strengthening by the anti-sliding piles. The essay analyzes the influence of the location of pile, the embeded depth and the elasticity modulus on the strengthening effect of the anti-sliding piles.  还原水利论文s;yk~-dk%T

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【中文关键词】 边坡稳定; 阻滑桩; 极限平衡; 有限元; 强度折减法; 判别准则
mi'o |r'P0【英文关键词】 the slope stability; anti-sliding pile; limit equilibrium method; finite element method; SSRFEM; differentiation criterion

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