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斜拉板桩码头结构与土相互作用研究 【作者】李士林 【导师】徐光明

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%y7y} q;w0【作者基本信息】南京水利科学研究院,岩土工程,2007年,硕士水利论文F }mXRY~,ps

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【中文摘要】 斜拉板桩结构码头因其结构简单并能适用于小场地而在港口、护岸工程中广泛应用,从上世纪70年代初这一结构型式开始在国内得到运用,但对这一板桩结构的工作性状长期认识不足,给设计计算理论的改进与完善造成了巨大阻碍。本文首先回顾了板桩结构码头发展历史,介绍了斜拉板桩码头结构的组成与特点,综述了土压力理论的发展及斜拉板桩码头土压力计算方法的现状,评述了斜拉板桩码头结构计算方法发展趋势。在此基础上,特别介绍了关于本文的主要研究手段——土工离心模型试验的原理和测试技术。就楔形土体土压力分布和斜拉板桩码头结构的工作性状两大关键难题,设计和开展了两大系列土与结构相互作用的土工离心模型试验,随后进行了分析研究工作。通过6组土工离心模型试验,研究了楔形土体表面向下倾角为自然休止角和大于自然休止角等情形下的楔形体土压力大小分布变化情况,探讨并提出了楔形土体土压力的简化计算方法,从而解决了表面向下倾角陡于自然休止角的楔形土体土压力的计算难题,拓展了库仑主动土压力理论。通过8组土工离心模型试验,综合考虑了港池开挖深度、斜桩斜度和斜桩间距等因素对斜拉板桩码头工作性状的影响,分析研究了码头结构中前墙、斜桩海陆两侧土压力...更多的分布与大小,前墙、斜桩的弯矩分布与特征值,斜桩轴力分布与大小以及码头结构水平变位大小等情况,并比较了这些因素的影响程度,为斜拉板桩结构码头设计计算新理论的建立与验证提供了可靠的典型实例及数据。最后,就一组典型斜拉板桩码头离心模型所模拟的原型实例(港池开挖深度8m、斜桩斜度1∶1、斜桩间距为3 m)进行了有限元数值模拟,得出了码头结构和地基土体的位移场和应力场;有限元计算结果与试验结果显示了一致的变化规律,揭示了斜拉板桩码头结构内部受力变形特性和共同作用机制。  还原水利论文 bWw1f*JpXL E4Q

:BN&V8C0CQQx+e0【英文摘要】 Sheet-pile bulkheads are frequently used in marine engineering as a viable andeconomical solution to waterfront construction. The sheet-pile bulkheads anchored byraked piles are widely recommended because of its simplicity of construction and itsadaptability in small room. They were introduced to China in the early 1970s, andhave been recognized and used in the construction of new harbor and in the renewalof old port. As the knowledge of work mechanism is not sufficient, it is difficult torevise the design method for this type of sheet-pile bulkhead to make it perfect.Firstly, review is done on the history of sheet-pile bulkhead as well as on the featuresof anchored sheet-pile bulkheads. Concerning the design of sheet-pile walls anchoredby raked piles, earth pressure theories and their state of the art are commented,indicating the revisal work to be done. And the principles and measurement ingeotechnical centrifugal modeling are presented.Secondly, 6 centrifuge model tests are performe...更多d to investigate the earth pressureagainst wall by a soil wedge which is steeper than the wedge at rest. Based on the testresults, a modified Column earth pressure theory is proposed to enable it to calculatethe earth pressure by soil wedge steeper than angle of repose.Thirdly, 8 centrifuge model tests are conducted to investigate the influence on thebehavior of sheet-pile bulkheads anchored by raked piles of the retaining height, theinclination of raked piles and their span. Therefore, the earth pressure against twosides of the front wall and the raked piles, their bending moment and axial pullingforce in the raked piles are summarized and characterized. These data are veryimportant to build up a new design theory.Finally, a numerical modeling by finite element analysis is done against aprototype case modeled, which is a sheet-pile bulkhead of 8 m in retaining heightanchored by raked piles with 1:1 in inclination and 3 m in span. The calculated resultsare in agreement with the measured ones by centrifuge modeling. Therefore, thenumerical modeling offers a new insight into the interaction mechanism about thisstructure.  还原

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【中文关键词】 斜拉板桩结构; 离心模型; 楔形土体; 土压力; 弯矩; 位移; 有限元计算
~S^O/o^i{0【英文关键词】 sheet-pile bulkhead with raked pile; centrifuge modeling test; soil wedge; earth pressure; bending moment; displacement; finite element modeling水利论文+c2F B0La1C#xLu



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