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海洋典型功能细菌群的生态过程研究【作者】张瑶 【导师】焦念志

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] h(A3s%^1C(G}'Rw5Ur0海洋典型功能细菌群的生态过程研究
*A*M%Ula9j+`v L0Ecological Process Studies on Functional Bacterial Groups in the Sea水利论文$M? k^1R0PW

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Jf.P.C c3nu0【作者基本信息】厦门大学,环境科学,2006年,博士水利论文 Vf C dF/U j

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【中文摘要】 海洋浮游细菌是海洋生态系统中不可缺少的一个重要组成部分,在海洋碳和能量循环中扮演着极其重要的角色。在总的海洋细菌群落中,包括了各种细菌类群,不同的菌群对应的功能及其在群落中的地位如何,一直是海洋生态学家探讨的课题。本研究集中于一类新近认识的功能群——好氧不产氧光合异养细菌(Aerobic Anoxygenic Phototrophic Bacteria, AAPB)的生态学研究。以基于时间序列观察的蓝细菌校正的红外落式荧光显微镜技术(Time-series observation based cyanobacteria-calibrated Infrared Epifluorescence Microscopy,TIREM)调查了中国东海和南海的河口、陆架海及外海的AAPB空间分布、季节变化及与环境因子之间的关系;并且在北太平洋海域更大范围的进行了AAPB的生态分布研究,探讨了AAPB在海洋生态系统中的生态地位。主要研究结果包括:1.进行了系统的方法学研究,建立了更加精确的原位定量技术——TIREM。2.确定了AAPB在海洋中的水平分布模式:在从河口沿陆架至外海的营养梯度上AAPB丰度...更多及比例逐渐降低。3.AAPB丰度及占总异养细菌的比例与叶绿素浓度存在着很好的正相关性,暗示了AAPB对浮游植物产生的溶解有机碳(PDOC)的依赖性。4.在垂直分布上,AAPB由于受到光限制而集中于真光层。5.AAPB在季节分布上也体现了不同于其它异养细菌的特征。AAPB丰度的季节差异要比异养细菌的小得多,并且AAPB在总异养细菌中的比例高值出现在冬季。AAPB是从功能上划分的一类群,从系统发育分类上看,AAPB主要分布于Alpha-和Beta-proteobacteria,也有部分分布于Gamma-proteobacteria。为了阐明各类系统发育群在浮游异养细菌群落中的组成和贡献,我们运用微型放射自显影与荧光原位杂交相结合的技术考察了环境梯度上细菌群落结构的演替及各类群在总群落中的活性功能。我们在南中国海的研究结果表明,沿着从河口至外海的盐度梯度,Alpha-proteobacteria在丰度和细菌生产力方面的优势度逐渐上升;而Beta-proteobacteria则呈相反的趋势;Gamma-proteobacteria是处于次要地位的菌群;Cytophaga-Flavobacterium cluster无论在海洋系统还是在淡水系统中都是一类有重要意义的成份。同时,我们在单个菌群水平上的相关性分析发现,在南中国海营养梯度上Beta-proteobacteria的丰度被生长相关过程所控制。  还原


-MkKG`4] J0【英文摘要】 Heterotrophic bacterioplankton are important members in marine ecosystems, including various bacterial groups, and play a critical role in carbon and energy cycles. What kinds of organisms are present in a system and what function of the system as a whole and how the individual microbial types contribute are the main goal of marine ecology study. This study focused on a newly recognized functional bacterial group—Aerobic Anoxygenic Phototrophic Bacteria (AAPB). We investigated distribution pattern of AAPB along environmental gradients in the China Seas and North Pacific, studied temporal-spatial variations and correlations with environmental variables, and summed up the niche of AAPB in marine ecosystem. The main outcomes include:1) Established an accurate quantitative technique—Time-series observation based cyanobacteria-calibrated Infrared Epifluorescence Microscopy (TIREM).2) The abundance of AAPB and their rate to total bacteria decreased along trophic gradient from estuary to open...更多 water. Namely, the relative abundance of AAPB was higher in eutrophic waters than in oligotrophic waters.3) There were significant positive relationship between abundance and rate of AAPB and Chl. a concentration, suggesting the dependence of AAPB on dissolved organic carbon from phytoplankton.4) The seasonal variation of AAPB was smaller than that of heterotrophic bacteria, and AAPB’s percentage of total bacteria was highest in winter.AAPB are a bacterial group based on function. Phylogenetically, they are mainly affiliated to Alpha and Beta-proteobacteria, and some Gamma-proteobacteria-like AAPB also were found newly. We combined microautoradiography and fluorescence in situ hybridization (Micro-FISH) to study the succession of bacterioplankton community and contribution of various phylogenetic groups to the activity of total communities along environmental gradient. Our results from the South China Sea (SCS) showed the preponderant contribution of beta-proteobacteria in freshwater and alpha-proteobacteria in saltwater to abundance and total bacterial production along the salinity gradient from the Pearl River estuary to the open water. Gamma-proteobacteria were always a minor component in SCS, while the Cytophaga-Flavobacterium cluster was a significant component in both marine and freshwater systems. Analysis at the single-bacterial group level showed a statistically significant correlation between abundance and leucine-uptake activity for beta-proteobacteria, suggesting that the abundance of beta-proteobacteria in the study area was controlled by growth-related processes.  还原

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【中文关键词】 好氧不产氧光合异养细菌(AAPB); 异养细菌; 系统进化群
0SJ+K rNsK'J$s`0【英文关键词】 Aerobic Anoxygenic Phototrophic Bacteria (AAPB); Heterotrophic bacteria; Phylogenetic bacterial group水利论文;OQofd t%L

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