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筑坝河流营养特征研究 【作者】苏玉萍 【导师】郑达贤

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筑坝河流营养特征研究水利论文6y3u r7[[6w2f @


QN%d s]w _5GwP$N|0【作者基本信息】福建师范大学,自然地理学,2006年,博士

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J K8H*wNx*DE0【中文摘要】 筑坝河流对营养物质的截留和积累引起的河段富营养化问题是当前水环境污染的热点问题之一。作为饮用水源地的敖江山仔筑坝河段,筑坝对河流营养物质输送的改变通过“水华”问题暴露出来,蓝藻的大量增殖已经威胁到人们的饮水安全,因而对该河段营养特征的研究,有重要的理论和现实意义。 本研究采用野外监测和实验室模拟分析相结合的技术路线,对山仔筑坝河段水质营养盐特征、浮游生物特征,沉积物对水体营养贡献特征进行了定量分析和探讨,取得了如下研究成果: (1)山仔大坝河段垂直水温属于单对流型,从春季—夏季—秋季(3月到11月)形成稳定的热分层,冬天(12月到次年1月、2月)形成均匀的水体温度,直接影响了水体中营养盐、溶解氧、pH值等参数的垂直分布。 (2)山仔大坝河段冬季浮游植物以硅藻门为主,春季由以硅藻门和绿藻门为主转为以蓝藻门为主;夏季蓝藻门占绝对优势;秋季以蓝藻门和隐藻门为主,一年内分别在春末、秋初发生“水华”,优势种均为喜温且具有强竞争优势的蓝藻门水华微囊藻(Microcystis flos-aquae)。山仔大坝河段浮游动物以原生动物和轮虫类居多,原生动物占总浮游动物数量50%以上。 (3)山仔筑坝河段...更多春季表层沉积物总磷含量600 mg/kg-1000mg/kg,从河流区→缓冲区→湖泊区总磷含量逐渐增加;垂直方向总磷含量总体表现为表层>中层>下层。该河段沉积物磷元素以无机磷为主,占总磷含量的60%-80%,有机磷含量在20%-40%,其中铁/铝结合形态磷占总磷含量一半左右。不同季节该河段沉积物间隙水和上覆水体间存在着明显的溶解性磷浓度梯度,磷的释放通量大小表现为湖泊区>缓冲区>河流区,大小在0.04—0.17 μg*cm-2*d-1之间,沉积物磷对水体营养贡献大小在0.7%-6%之间,说明目前库区沉积物磷释放作用还未对水库水质产生较大影响。 (4)应用综合营养参数指数法评价该河段的营养状态,结果表明目前该河段秋冬季节的水体尚处于中营养水平,春季水体有从中营养向富营养化水平发展的趋势,夏季水质已经处于富营养化水平;营养状态表现为河流区>过渡区>湖泊区。  还原

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【英文摘要】 The eutrophication problem caused by retaining and accumulating nutrition in the river with dam is one of the current hot issues of the water pollution problems. Under the collaborative impact of anthropogenetic activities and climate change, the reach of Shanzi Dam of Aojiang River as a source of drinking water is changing the nutrient transmission by dam construction that had been revealed through "algae bloom". The large number of blue green algae multiplication has threatened people's safety by drinking water. So the research of the nutritional character of the reach of Shanzi Dam has important theoretical and practical significance.The objectives of this study are to identify the characteristics of the water nutrition salt, plankton and the phosphorus in the sediment through field monitoring and laboratory analysis simulation technology combining routes. The conclusions of this paper include as follow:(1) The reach of Shanzi Dam is monomictic with a stable thermal stratification i...更多n Spring-Summer-Autumn (March to November). In Winter (December to the following January and February)it produce a homogeneous body of water temperature, which directly affected the vertical distribution of the parameters of nutrition salt, dissolved oxygen, pH value .(2) The predominant phytoplankton in winter of the reach of Shanzi Dam is diatom andspring is diatom with blue green algae. The blue green algae is the absolute advantage species in Summer and blue green alga and Cryptomonas are the main phytoplankton in Fall. There is always an " algae bloom " in the late spring and early Autumn each year with the predominant phytoplankton Microcystis flos-aquae, who loves high temperature and has a strong competitive advantage .The main zooplankton species are protozoan and rotifer category and the number of protozoan is more than 50% of the total number of zooplankton.(3) The content of total phosphorus in the surface sediment in Spring of the reach of Shanzi Dam is range from 600 mg/kg to 1000mg/kg and the content gradually increase from the Riverine Zone to Transition Zone and Lacustrine Zone. The  还原

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"x8]1m0tt-O&\0【中文关键词】 筑坝河流; 营养; 水华微囊藻; 沉积物; 磷
+q v_:e2cvX` a0【英文关键词】 River with dam; nutrition; Microcystis flos-aquae; sediment phosphorus水利论文#O&m"Gt~
水利论文S:j.o:c i-Ku



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